Korea beauty skincare hand cream ginger6

Ginger6 HAND CREAM, 60ml

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1. Containing 20% of the patented ginger extract (patent number 10-1145073);

2. Candida/Garcinian fermentation products, rice embryo oil, and curcuma longa root extract meet to catch skin moisture;

3. Fermentation butter helps to supply skin nutrition.

4. Eight hyaluronic acids attract moisture, causing moisture to stay in the skin.

5. Eight kinds of plant oils and extracts help to calm and moisturize the skin. (Pimaja seed oil / Curcuma longa root extract / Teeth seed oil / Coconut palm oil / Dolconut oil / Hae Baraghi Seed Oil / Moonflower Oil / Olive Oil / Rice Embryonic Oil)

6. Bound water complex similar to moisture in the skin helps to supply skin nutrition and fill moisture by supplying moisture containing minerals, amino acids, proteins, phospholipids, and peptides.

7. Full component EWG Green grade;