K-Beauty Youtubers

Here are top 10 K-Beauty gurus on YouTube. Subscribe and stay tuned for more K-Beauty tutorials and tips!

1. PONY Syndrome (5.65M subscribers) :
Pony is one of South Korean’s most famous beauty gurus.
Previously the makeup artist for CL, she has tons of experience with different looks.
In addition, she has her own makeup line called Pony Effect.

2. Risabae (2.25M subscribers) :
Risabae is known for recreating celebrity looks with precision.
Her detail-oriented tutorials are suitable for beginners of K-Beauty to learn the basics.

3. Ssin (1.61M subscribers) :
Ssin is known for funny, experimental and unique makeup tutorials as well as get ready with me, cover makeup videos.

4. Lamuqe (1.37M subscribers) :
Lamuqe shares her Korean beauty secrets and her lifestyle, daily routine on her channel.

5. Sunny’s Channel (1.04M subscribers) :
Sunny is a K-Beauty YouTuber based in New York City. She is well-known for her impeccable cover makeup tutorials on K-Pop stars.

6. Yeondukong (770K subscribers) :
Yeondukong is popular to teenagers and twenties for affordable makeup reviews and helpful makeup tips.

7. Heizle (730K subscribers) :
Although Heizle is relatively new to YouTube, she has already gained a massive fanbase.
She has great makeup tutorials that will help you enhance your natural beauty.

8. Roseha (688K subscribers) :
Roseha’s cover makeup tutorials are iconic. She also shares shopping howl, travel vlog, and selfie app recommendations.

9. Yoo’s Beauty (624K subscribers) :
Yoo’s beauty is known for her unique makeup tutorials and stylish fashion tips.

10. Dayeong (593K subscribers) :
Dayeong shares new K-Beauty products reviews and makeup tutorials.