Total K-Beauty Brand : Charmzone


The company name “Charmzone” originated from a Korean word “Charm Joeun” meaning very good. And Charmzone( has earned a great reputation as a high-end skincare brand since 1984.  

Charmzone has many different cosmetic house brands for luxury, dermo, and cosmeceutical categories including DeAGE, Saelok, Charm in Cell, Ginkgo, Topclass, etc. and they carry more than 100+ skincare & makeup products.

Additionally, Charmzone has ranked 7th in most trusted skincare brand and 7th in safest skincare brand in Korea.

Charmzone is currently exporting to many countries around the world including U.S., China, Japan, Ruissa, France, etc. and they can be found at various channels of online, duty-free shop, H&B, supermarkets as well as home-shopping in Korea.

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