K-Beauty Skincare Brand : SOQU

SOQU which stands for Skin of Queen is a K-Beauty skincare brand by a Korean company called G1 Bio (www.g1bio.co.kr).

G1 Bio has been researching and developing high-quality and affordable skincare lines for about 37 years and they have over 100 skincare products made with natural wild plant extracts and deep seawater from Gangwon-do, Korea.

SOQU has more than 25 overseas partners in US, China, Russia, Spain, Poland, Turkey etc. and is currently looking for a new partnership in Canada.

SOQU’s skincare lines are as below :
Visit SOQU’s website(www.soqu.co.kr) to find our more!

  • Lifting Mask Line
  • Peptide
  • Powders
  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe Line
  • Soothing Gel Line
  • Rose Line
  • Vitamin C Line
  • Watermelon Line

G1 Bio is also capable of OEM/Private Label/ODM manufacture based on your preferences.

We can connect you with G1 Bio via e-mail or arrange and assist a zoom meeting. If you wish to receive more information including catalogues and price list and get connected with G1 Bio, please contact below :

Call : 416-368-3399 ext. 233
E-mail : nicolas.heuser@kotra.ca