K-Beauty Skincare Brand : All Natural

With 20 years of extensive experience in the industry, All Natural(www.eco.pe.kr) focus on eco-friendly skincare products made with natural ingredients.

Their various skincare line including cleansing foam, toner, essence, oil, cream, mask sheet, etc. provides excellent soothing, brightening, and moisturizing effects.

The most popular product is AllNatural Organic Mask Sheet (Houttuynia, Blackbean, Blueberry, Broccoli) which has ranked 1st on Hwahae, Korea’s #1 K-Beauty Ingredient analysis/review platform with over 10 Million users.

All Natural is currently exporting to many countries overseas including U.S., Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Spain, etc. and looking to expand their partnerships in Canada.

Visit their website and Instagram to find out more!

Website : http://eco.pe.kr/shop/page.html?id=11
Instagram : www.instagram.com/allnatural_official

We can connect you with All Natural via e-mail or arrange and assist a zoom meeting. If you wish to receive more information including catalogues and price list and get connected with All Natural, please contact below :

Call : 416-368-3399 ext. 233
E-mail : nicolas.heuser@kotra.ca