K-Beauty Skincare Brand : Ma:nyo


“Manyo Factory” is a K-beauty brand that produces products with naturally derived ingredients. Ma:nyo earned a great reputation as a high-end skincare brand by avoiding harmful artificial ingredients. Every day, ma:nyo experiments and invents a new blend of ingredients. Just like a sorceress conjuring her potions, ma:nyo infuse nature’s best to make the consumer’s skin journey a magical experience.


Ma:nyo has many different sub-brands including Our Vegan, Zaodam, 60brix, banilla boutique, NO MERCY, etc.


Additionally, Ma:nyo earned around 58 skincare & cosmetic awards from Korean drugstores, beauty mobile applications, and channels in Korea.


Ma:nyo is currently exporting to many countries around the world including the U.S., China, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, Hongkong, Europe, etc. and they can be found at various channels of the online, duty-free shop, H&B, supermarkets as well as home-shopping in Korea.


Visit their website and Instagram to find out more! 

Website : https://manyofactory.co.kr

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/manyofactory_official/


We can connect you with ma:nyo via e-mail or arrange and assist a zoom meeting. If you wish to receive more information including catalogs and price list and get connected with ma:nyo, please contact below :


Call : 416-368-3399 ext. 233
E-mail : nicolas.heuser@kotra.ca