Kick off the new year with a complete head-to-toe treatment that will make it easy to include self-care as your daily resolution! The From Head to Toe set, exclusively available at Costco, contains everything you need to get your glow on this year.  From radiant skin and shiny hair to nourished hands and feet, we've got you covered. 
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The Head to Toe Kit $29.99 (Valued at $98)
2x Insolution Coconut Bio Face Mask with Blueberry
2X Essential Wonders Good Hair Don’t Care! Shine Hair Mask
2X Essential Wonders Talk to the Hand! Moisturizing Hand Mask
2X Essential Wonders Put Your Feet Up! Nourishing Foot Mask
This limited-edition box is available online at Costco.ca for a steal at $29.99.
Until January 17th – you also are eligible for Buy More Get More!
Buy 3 to 5 items, save 20%
Buy 6 or more items, save 30%
There are limited units available and it is even cheaper in store at $26.99. So grab your sneakers and we'll race you to the checkout line!