Winter Wellness Tip: Korean Half-Bath

Take a Korean Half Bath (a.k.a Ban-Sin-Yok)

It’s winter, it’s getting cold, and it’s snowing outside. Pamper yourself with Korean half-bath over the weekend, melt away your stress after a long day at work, or enjoy deep relaxation before bed.


  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Rejuvenation and Glowing of your Skin
  • Easing muscular tension and joint aches

The How-Tos:

Step 1: Fill up your bathtub half way with warm-to-slightly-hot water so that only the lower half of your body submerges in the water. Ideally, you want to aim for the water to reach your belly button (or a little more).

Step 2: Add essential oil or bath salt as desired to enhance your spa-like experience.

Step 3: Sit in the tub in your most comfortable position. The key is to separate your upper body from the warm water (keep them dry!). Have your arms out of the tub – read a book, catch up on your social media, watch Netflix or Youtube on your tablets, or simply indulge in the moment with soothing background music. It’s me-time, you know what to do.

Step 4: Relax for 20 minutes. It’s absolutely normal to see beads of sweat form on your forehead. This is a sign that blood circulation is kicking in your body.

Step 5: Rinse off with cool shower. Try Medi-Peel Silky Shining Salt Body Wash (see below)!

Tip: Make sure you have a cup of water ready to hydrate you after the bath.

Consult with health professionals before trying the half bath if you are pregnant or have any medical conditions.

K-Beauty Insider Recommendation:

Here are our recommended products to hydrate your skin after ban-sin-yok. Voilà, and there goes your DIY home-spa experience.

  1. Medi-Peel Silky Shining Salt Body Wash

This body wash will keep your body moist for a long time even after a shower. The cherry salt in the body wash gently removes the dead skin cells and forms vitamin moisture film to make your skin silky smooth.

  1. Aqua Blue Rose Moisture Modeling Pack

You can use this modeling pack at home and make yourself like you’re at a spa. Superb to moisturize your tired skin, giving the vitality that you need.

  1. Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

Finish off with this calming cream with Chamomile Oil that has powerful calming effects and Centella Asiatica that hydrates your skin.