Trending Squid Game Inspired Makeup and Nails

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By now, most, if not, all of you probably heard of Squid Game, and we’re sure many of you have already finished the series. For those who are unfamiliar with the Netflix hit series, Squid Game is a survival K-drama. In essence, the series is about 456 contestants who are in buried in debt playing (deadly) Korean childhood game for a chance to win KRW 45.6 billion prize.

Although Halloween may be over, the hype around Squid Game doesn’t seem to stop and continue. They’re literally everywhere! Younghee, also known as Red Light, Green Light Robot appeared in Seoul, Sydney and other cities.

So let’s take a look at one of the most popular Squid Game-inspired make-up of Sae Byeok that’s currently trending on Youtube and TikTok.

YT @Risabae

YT @Raiza Contawi

What you need: concealer, eye liner, eye shadow, contour, lipstick

Tip: make sure you add those fake freckles to pull the look!
(1) Add the freckles, (2) smudge them, (3) repeat, to give a natural faux freckles

This show has made a huge impact on socio-economical activities. Take a look at those viral videos of people playing Dalgona games, and sudden 7800% jump in white Vans sneakers sales - to name a few. The beauty and fashion industries are no exception – starting with Halloween masks and costumes on e-commerce platforms to DIY nail kits and professional nail services.

Try the make-up and nails for yourself and revisit the series to see how close you’ve replicated Saebyeok look.

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Would you dare to play Squid Game?