Tips to Move Your K-Skincare Routine from Summer to Fall

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall~ let’s get excited for the changing leaves, crisp breeze, and oversized sweaters! When seasons change, everyone’s wardrobes change to match the weather- but does your skincare? New seasons mean your skin will change its behavior due to the weather and climate that it is exposed to on a daily basis. In fall, your skin will need an extra dose of hydration as the humid and hot temperatures of summer have disappeared and your skin is now experiencing a drier and more cold climate! Seasonal changes can be fun and exciting for your wardrobe but not for your skin. Don’t forget about updating your skincare routine when you change your wardrobe from light linens to heavier wools.

Korea is very familiar with the extreme weather and humidity changes that each season brings, and they have innovated products perfect for your skin in every season! Follow these tips and product recommendations below to keep your bright and youthful glow this fall.

Tip #1: Deep Hydration

A heavier moisturizer may sound off-putting or too thick for your skin to absorb properly; however, as the weather starts to cool down your skin will lose its moisture, making it extremely important to keep it well hydrated to keep it in balance.

There are formulas available that are specifically made to deeply penetrate your skin’s barrier and hydrating your skin without weighing it down and clogging your pores. Keeping your skin well moisturized in the colder, drier months will prevent it from freaking out (i.e. unwanted break outs, dry patches, or oily skin~!).

Kbeauty Insider Recommendation

Bifida Biome Concentrate Cream by Ma:nyo

This thick Biome concentrate facial cream from Ma:nyo moisturizes and softens the look of the skin while providing deep moisturization and prevents premature aging. Even though the formula is rather thick, it quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves you looking radiant and glowing. This hydrating moisturizer builds up the skin’s barrier keeping it the skins condition well balanced, contains 10 Hyaluronic acids to facilitate nutrient flow and contains ceramide to help preserve the skins nutrition and moisture levels.


Tip #2: Include a Serum, Oil, or Ampoule

Serums, oils, and ampoules use highly concentrated formulas with active ingredients that immediately improve the skin’s texture and barrier. Due to their fast absorption, these products make an excellent first step after cleansing! If you don’t want to use a serum, oil, or ampoule separately on the skin simply add 2-3 drops into the amount of moisturizer to be used for your skincare routine! As well as the intense absorption and moisturization, these products will help nourish and soothe the skin making them perfect to prep your skin for the cold and dry fall air.

Kbeauty Insider Recommendation

Vitamin C Serum by SOQU

This vitamin C Serum from SOQU will help clear and revitalize your skin to keep the bright and youthful look. It is formulated with the coenzyme Q10 and ceramides to help keep your skin appear healthy and full of life. Additionally, the added vitamin C keeps your skin moisturized and illuminated throughout the day.


Tip #3: Revive Your Eyes

While eye creams can be a bit of a hot topic in the skincare community, we believe that it does not hurt to include a hydrating or contouring eye cream. The skin under your eyes is very delicate, so be sure to use a specially formulated eye cream for this step! When applying, focus on using a small amount of product and lightly massaging it into the delicate under-eye skin. Eye creams help prevent fine lines from settling in and deserve some tender love and care after going through high-contact situations when applying makeup and cleansing.

Kbeauty Insider Recommendation

Bifida Biome Concentrate Eye Cream by Ma:nyo

As the last step of the skincare routine, take a small amount and lightly pat and rub this eye cream into the delicate skin of the under-eye and the eye contour. This eye cream builds up the delicate skins barrier, while strengthening its moisture barrier and prevents premature aging. Additionally, it contains 10 Hyaluronic Acids that firmly fills the skin layer-by-layer to facilitate the flow of nutrients.


Tip #4: Boost your skins health and hydration with Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are an ideal addition to your fall skincare routine. The colder weather and harsher winds make your skin more sensitive and irritated, so this added step of moisture will help ease your skin’s troubles and allow you to start or finish your day refreshed. Depending on your skin type and its needs, you can use different types of hydrating, brightening, and tightening sheet masks; however, if we know one thing that is for certain, is that you can NEVER go wrong with any sheet mask~! >.<

Kbeauty Insider Recommendation

All Natural Face Mask (4 pack) by Natures Friend

This all natural 4 mask pack is great after a week of harsh weather. Each mask contains natural ingredients and antioxidants to calm your skins barrier and allow for deep moisture penetration. These gentle, fragrance-free face masks are a perfect addition to boost your skins moisture levels in these colder and drier months.






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