The Difference Between Dermo-cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals

‘Prevention over cure’ is the buzz phrase currently doing the rounds in the beauty industry. Dermo-cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals have become very popular in K-Beauty industry over the past years. They are increasingly in demand as more people are finding they have delicate skin and react sensitively to conventional cosmetics. Nowadays, customers can easily find dermo-cosmetic and cosmeceutical products at various drugstores and beauty retails. Since two terms share similar traits, they can be quite confusing. Read below to find out the difference between dermo-cosmetics and cosmeceuticals!


[ Dermo-cosmetics ] Dermatology + Cosmetic

Dermo-cosmetics is where cosmetics and dermatology – or beauty and health – meet. It refers to specialized skincare products produced in consultation with dermatologists to improve the appearance of skin and treat various skin issues. Formulated for local application, dermo-cosmetics are made to preserve the health and beauty of skin. Dermo-cosmetics must satisfy very high demands in terms of quality, effectiveness and tolerability, given that they are also used to prevent and treat pathological skin changes.


[ Cosmeceuticals ] Cosmetic + Pharmaceutical

Like dermo-cosmetics, cosmeceuticals are medical-dermatological skincare products that are claimed to maintain and even improve the skin’s function. Often, however, products are already referred to as cosmeceuticals for containing innovative, high-tech active ingredients. While cosmetics products only reach the surface levels of the skin, seeking to cleanse or beautify, cosmeceuticals contain active ingredients in higher concentrations and travel in more effective pharmaceutical vehicles, allowing them to act a deeper level of the dermis to address specific skin conditions such as aging. As such, cosmeceutical products cannot be considered medicine, since they do not seek to treat any disease, but they do have more developed scientific processes than cosmetic products to obtain greater benefits and penetrate deeper layers of the skin.


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