Spooky & Gorgeous Halloween K-makeup Tutorials

Even if we can’t go to Halloween parties, we can still watch Halloween makeup tutorials, have Halloween parties with family, or zoom parties with friends.
Check out these Korean influencers from YouTube killing their Halloween makeup.


If you don't want to look too quirky or too weird, check out Heizle's makeup. It's not too scary or too creepy, but rather dreamy and gorgeous.


Umm, this makeup is spooky, but also pretty! Asle shaded her eyes and lips with dark plum color and even her neck for dramatic effect. If you have simliar eyeshadows, definitely go try.


Do you want to look gorgeous, but scare people at the same time? Check out Risabae's devil makeup. You'll be surprised with the details of blue vessels, realistic blood, and her black teeth.


Look at this dark blue and purple makeup, white eyelashes, and the costume. Pony literally looks like a dark elf. She even looks gorgeous with that white contact lenses. Shocking and beautiful.
. . .
Some of them are really easy to follow and not too quirky. Try one for this year’s Halloween! Follow these Halloween makeup skills from K-beauty influencers. If you are skilled, you should try Risabe and Pony Halloween Makeup. If you are to try for the first time, Heizle and Asle tutorials seems a good fit. 
What’s your favorite?
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