Korean Skincare Tips for Humid Weather

No matter where you’re living, this summer has been a HOT one—and for many of us it has been equally as humid as it has been hot! While we don’t like to complain about the hot days of summer, the humidity is the bad that comes along with the good. A sudden increase in humidity can wreak havoc on your skin causing acne, irritation dryness, irritation, etc. BUT! We won’t let the humidity wreck any of our plans of enjoying the rest of our summer!


What does humidity do to my skin?

The heat experienced during the high humidity months of summer causes a wide range of bodily discomfort and excess sweating is the body’s natural response to cool itself down. While you may find yourself sweating a little more than usual during these humid times, the skin in particular may overproduce oils creating an optimal environment for acne and congested skin to occur. Another side effect of humid weather is loss of hydration of the skin (due to sweating or over cleansing/stripping). This loss of moisture disturbs the skins oil balance causing increased sebum production, oily and greasy skin, or worse—breakouts!!


Korean Skincare to the Rescue!

Korean products are no stranger to humidity and dealing with the complications it can cause to our skin. Naturally, the summers in Korea are very hot and humid so Korean skincare has had to be innovative in providing products that are going to leave your skin looking bright, protected, and moisturized without being overly oily weighing your skin down. Additionally, Korean products largely focus on an “inside-out” approach to skincare which will always lead to your skin being completely nourished giving you the dewy (“chok chok”) look that Korean products have become famous for. To keep it simple, we recommend 3 areas when caring for your skin in the hot and humid weather of summer that focus on deep cleansing, added moisture, and facial rejuvination. Here are some of our Korean skincare recommendations to keep you and your skin happy this summer~!


1) Cleanse, Cleanse, CLEANSE!

Depending on your skin type, you may prefer a foam or an oil cleanser—so here are two recommendations! Do not be afraid to use an oil cleanser just because it is humid out; excess sweating will deplete your skin of moisture and expel oils, so if your skin tends to be on the dry side an oil cleanser may be what your skin desperately needs!

Calamansi Vita Cleansing Oil by EYENLIP

Link: https://beautynetkorea.com/product/eyenlip-calamansi-vita-cleansing-oil-150ml-weight-187g/6666/category/823/display/2/?page_4=4#prdDetail

This cleansing oil contains 7 anti-inflammatory and immune response extracts that help brighten and soothe red, irritated skin. Additionally, it contains large amounts of vitamin C which helps clear spots, freckles, and pigmentation of the skin. This oil cleanser will replenish all of the natural oils that your skin shed throughout the day and is a perfect addition to your summer skincare routine!

Saerok Wando Fucoidan pH Balancing Cleansing Foam by CHARMZONE

Link: http://www.charmzone.co.kr/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=2001133&xcode=024&mcode=002&scode=&type=Y&sort=regdate&cur_code=024002&GfDT=bml3Vw%3D%3D

Saerok Wando’s facial foam is a mild cleanser with pH5.5-6, mimicking the skins natural acidity levels. It removes excess sebum and oil without irritating or stripping the skin, which is perfect for the humid weather. This cleanser has added vitamins and extracts from seaweed that create a natural barrier on your skin, locking in its moisture. Additionally, the skin will feel refreshed and clean from the green tea powder and Houttunyia extracts which help wash away any imperfections and impurities. This cleanser is EWG Green Grade making it perfect for all skin types and will not cause irritation.


2) Fight Back with Added Moisture

To properly replenish the hydration that is lost from our skin during the day in humid weather, a focus should be placed on thin and penetrative products that will thoroughly moisturize and reach the skins deepest layers. Using thin products will also assist in keeping the skin less oily and congested throughout the day.

Red Lacto First Collagen Essence by MEDI-PEEL

Link: https://www.medipeel.com/product/red-lacto-first-collagen-essence/311/category/1/display/2/

This thin, deeply moisturizing essence will care for the inner and outer pores of your skin, along with the skin barrier. The Ferment-Lacto Ingredient and French Molecular Collagen prevent the skins moisture from evaporating through the day and allows the skin to hold elasticity, making it the perfect addition to a humidity-focused skin care regimen. Additionally, this product contains 6 types of Amino Acid Complex’s that deliver a powerful moisturizing effect, giving you effortless baby soft skin.


3) Mask UP!

No, we are not talking about protective masks this time…we are talking about MASK PACKS! Whenever the skin gets tired from dealing with the constant irritation of summer humidity, mask packs will be the skins strongest ally, rejuvenating the skins moisture levels and soothing its anger.

Cuthera Refreshing Shiitake Mask from JEJUON

Link: https://en.jejuon.kr/product/jejuon-cuthera-refreshing-shiitake-mask-20ml6ea/26/category/102/display/1/

This shiitake mask contains Curcuma Aromatica Salisb from Jeju Island and Shiitake Mushroom extract from Halla mountain to restore the vitality of tired and stressed out skin. This mask will penetrate the skin deeply allowing it to heal, moisturize, soothe, and brighten your skin after long days of dealing with the summer humidity. This mask has also completed the skin non-irritating test completed by the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group. Any skin type can confidently use this mask to soothe skin and bring back it back to life!




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