K-pop Hairstyles With Ribbons

Are you looking for a new hairstyle for holidays or special days? Check out these lovely hairstyles with ribbons from K-pop groups, Blackpink Jennie, Girl’s Day Hyeri, GFriend SinB,  Red Velvet Joy, and Lovelyz Sujeong and get some hairstyle inspiration ideas!


Simple Ponytail hairstyle can be amazing with ribbons! The whole atmosphere will change depending on what ribbons you choose.
blackpink jenny ponytail hairstyle 
Blackpink Jennie
#Long gray ribbon #Bang #Dark hair
 girlsday hyeri satin ribbon ponytail
 Girl’s Day Hyeri
#Black big satin ribbon #Curl #Lace top

<Half-Up Half-Down>

Is your hair short? Don’t worry! Make a little differences on your hair with a half-up, half-down style that will keep your neck warm in winter.
 girlfriend hair style holiday
GFriend SinB
#Thin white ribbon #Short hair #White top

<Low Double Bun>

If you like pigtail hairstyles but you are too scared to try them, feel free to try these adorable low double bun hairstyles.
Red velvet joy holiday hair style
Redvelvet Joy holiday hair style 
Red Velvet Joy
#Short black satin ribbon #Black&white top #Flower
 Lovelyz hair style holiday
 Lovelyz Sujeong
#Long black ribbon #Red hair #Red lipstick