K-Beauty to Beat Dry Winter Lips

Are your lips feeling cracked and sore this winter? Trust us, you are NOT alone—the fight against dry, winter lips is one that we can all suffer from time to time. Cold and frigid air means less humidity causing the thin skin on our lips to be one of the first places to feel the sudden change in temperature. Similar to the Canadian winters, Korea’s winters are often very cold and dry causing your lips to be irritated by the harsh winds and crisp atmosphere. BUT!!! Korea, as we all know is renowned for its skincare so you better believe they have come up with some amazing formula’s to keep your lips plump and moisturized throughout the entire winter!

Many people have a thorough and thought out skincare routine, but often forget about one of the most essential parts of our face—LIPS! If you want your skin to look fresh and youthful, you cannot neglect your lips and care for them. To keep your lips looking pink and soft throughout the winter, we recommend following 3 main steps: 1) Exfoliate 2) Moisturize and 3) Repair. Winter does not stand a chance against these lip hydrating K-beauty necessities!

Tip #1: Exfoliate

In order to properly prep your lips for hydration and repair they have to be cleared from any surface irritants or barriers blocking product penetration. You are able to buy gentle (**key word… GENTLE) physical exfoliant, or you can also simply dampen a face cloth under warm water and very lightly rub your lips in a circular motion. This will aid in lifting and removing any dead skin and physical irritants.

Tip #2: Moisturize

Once your lips are exfoliated, it is important to apply a protective and lip hydrating moisturizer after. The most popular is a lip balm- and we agree, lip balms are a great way to provide your lips with moisture. However, one type of product that has been gaining popularity these days is lip serums. These serums are similar to their good friend lip balms, but they pack more of a punch when it comes to moisturization. Korean lip serums formulation allows the product to be absorbed to the deeper layers of your skin and provide intense hydration. Using a serum will also prevent you from constant re-application which can be annoying and your lips actually become accustomed to the added moisture source causing them to dry out faster!

K-Beauty Insider Recommendation:

Product: What a Melon Moisture Lip Serum (10ml) by ma:nyo

Link: https://manyofactory.co.kr/product/what-a-melon-moisture-lip-serum-10ml/186/category/79/display/1/

This moisturizing lip serum by ma:nyo contains watermelon extracts which have anti-inflammatory properties which help in soothing any irritation. Additionally, this product contains Propolis Extract which offers antioxiodant protection from external environment aggressors and also assists in healing any current wounds through its rich hydration effects. 

Tip #3: Repair

All lips need some tender love and care in these cold winter months. If I told you that you are able to provide your lips with the most effective ways to provide deep hydration to your lips while you were asleep—would you believe me? If you said no… YOU SHOULD! Lip masks are one of the most effective and most popular lip moisturization products in Korea, and are quickly gaining popularity within the global skincare community. These masks, usually a thick balm, form a layer over your lips throughout the night. This layer prevents moisture from escaping your lips as you sleep which enhanced the overall hydrating effect of not only the lip mask, but also any other products and techniques used prior!

K-Beauty Insider Recommendation:

Product: Daily Lip Sleeping Mask Red Propolis by Farmstay

Link: https://en.fscos.com/product/farmstay-daily-lip-sleeping-mask-red-propolis/337/category/76/display/1/

This lip sleeping mask by Farmstay is made with Shorea Robusta Seed Butter, Safflower Seed Oil, and Red Propolis (key ingredient) which all assist in exfoliation and nourishment of your lips throughout the night. A nice thing about this product is that it can actually be used as your daily lip balm OR an overnight sleep mask depending on your needs and preferences.





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