K-Beauty Gurus You Need to Follow on YouTube

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PONY Syndrome (5.76M Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/PONY Syndrome
 Pony is one of South Korean’s most famous beauty gurus. Previously the makeup artist for CL, she has tons of experience with different looks. In addition, she has her own makeup line called ‘Pony Effect.’
Risabae (2.26M Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/Risabae
Risabae is very known for recreating celebrities’ looks with precision. Her detail-oriented tutorials are also suitable for beginners of K-Beauty to learn the basics. One of her most-viewed videos is a complete beginner’s guide to makeup.
Ssin (1.59M Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/Ssin
If you’d like exciting new looks with a side of humor, Ssin is definitely for you. Her androgynous style and exceptional makeup skills have set her apart from the usual beauty scene on YouTube. Ssin uploads funny, experimental and unique makeup tutorials as well as get ready with me, cover makeup videos.
Lamuqe (1.33M Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/Lamuqe
Lamuqe shares her Korean beauty secrets and her lifestyle, daily routine on her channel. One of her most interesting series is the “plastic surgery makeup” videos, where she basically helps people tackle areas they’re insecure about through makeup alone.
Sunny’s Channel (1.03M Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/Sunny’s Channel
Sunny is a K-Beauty YouTuber based in New York City. She is well-known for her impeccable cover makeup tutorials on K-Pop stars. Sunny’s most-viewed video is EXID Hani’s L.I.E Showcase makeup tutorial.
Yeondukong  (770K Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/Yeondukong
Yeondukong is popular to teenagers and twenties for affordable makeup reviews and helpful makeup tips. Her most popular video is back to school makeup tutorial!
Heizle  (726K Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/Heizle
Although Heizle is relatively new to YouTube, she has already gained a massive fanbase. She has great makeup tutorials that will help you enhance your natural beauty. One of her most-viewed videos is Hanbok makeup tutorial.
Yoo’s Beauty (683K Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/Yoo’s Beauty
Yoo’s beauty is known for her unique makeup tutorials and stylish fashion tips. Sometimes she uploads the tutorials in Spanish! Yoo’s most-viewed video is Carrot Sesorita Makeup Tutorial with Spanish dubbing.
Roseha  (675K Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/Roseha
Roseha’s cover makeup tutorials are iconic. One of her most popular tutorials is Red Velvet’s Irene Powerup MV makeup tutorial. She is very well known for her resemblance to Red Velvet’s Irene. She also shares shopping howl, travel vlog, and selfie app recommendations.
Ha Neul (672K Subscribers)
Photo Credit: YouTube/Ha Neul
Ha Neul owns a lingerie brand called ‘Haneul Haneul’ and cosmetic brand called ‘Peach C.’ Ha Neul shares makeup tutorials, K-Beauty products reviews, as well as fashion and diet tips! She also shares daily and travel vlogs.