Is Korean Skin Care Better than Western Skin Care?

Skin care can be considered a product of a country’s culture, values, and beauty standards. Because Korean women and men place a premium on their skincare routines, Canadians would be wise to look into the benefits of embracing Korean skincare brands and trends. 

Koreans value a preventative skincare routine, which in some cases stands in contrast to more reactive skin care tendencies in the West, in which consumers tend only to seek out beauty products to fix their skin problems after they’ve occurred. You may have heard about South Koreans using a 10-step skincare routine, which many Canadians find to be much too long.

Meanwhile, even Korean children learn about the importance of a good skin care regime early on, one that includes a variety of beauty products from cleansers to moisturizers. With that in mind, is it possible to find out if Korean skin care really is better than Western skin care? 

Let’s find out!


The Problems of Western Skin Care


The Western mentality for skin care is more often about using beauty products to rectify an issue. For example, older women will start using anti-aging eye cream in their later years, only after they’re started seeing signs of Crow’s feet and the like. 


Western beauty products can cause all kinds of skin problems because of the ingredients they use, such as retinol. And unlike K-Beauty products, they are also only designed for certain skin types. This means that women interested in preventative care need to hunt down the right item, which can be tough. Additionally, many Western beauty companies test their products on animals, which is considered a morally questionable production method.


A Western skincare routine is not all Canadians take on during their morning and evening routines - they also apply makeup. And while each person can decide how much makeup to wear and vary it accordingly, it often tends to lean toward the heavy side. Bold eye shadows, mascara, foundation, and lipstick are only a few of the products many use on a daily basis, and too much can clog the pores and lead to damaged skin.


It’s a common belief that you have to pay top dollar for the best, including skincare products. For the price luxury beauty creams and serums cost, you usually get a small quantity. Does that make any sense? Western customers often find themselves forced to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for luxury products, including some of the following examples:

  • Holt Renfrew offers moisturizing cream in the $3,000 range.
  • La Prairie makes skin caviar in the $600 range.
  • Tata Harper makes an elixir vitae serum in the $500 range.


The Benefits of K-Beauty Skin Care

Millennials and Zoomers (those born in Generation Z) are much more open to social media, which means they follow influencers and bloggers from around the world, not just their neck of the woods. They are therefore more up to date on the latest Korean skincare trends as well as best practices, elucidated below. 


The focus of Korean beauty is to take care of the skin by preventing issues, such as fine lines and dark spots. This is why Koreans are taught to look after their skin at an early age. Covering them up with makeup is very much frowned upon because it’s not preventing or remedying the problem. 

K-Beauty Products

Many K-Beauty products are made cruelty-free with natural ingredients, such as green tea. Some companies also produce vegan products, which means they don’t use honey, snail mucin, and other animal and animal by-products. K-Beauty products are designed for sensitive skin, so everyone can use the same collections of sheet masks, moisturizers, and other items.


The Korean culture does not emphasize makeup as much as Western cultures do. While skin care takes precedence, makeup is still used. However, the skin is prepared to act as a canvas that’s free of impurities. When makeup is applied, it is designed to look as natural as possible. Canadians can only dream of mastering the Korean “no-makeup” makeup look.



To meet Korean beauty standards, it’s believed that consumers should be able to buy quality products without having to spend a fortune. Korean companies listen to their consumers and supply them with affordable and effective products; many of which fall within the range of $20-$40. 

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