How to remove your makeup easily and thoroughly

Everyone is having a hard time wearing makeup under the mask as it could lead you to have skin problems. We know that removing makeup is fundamental for our skin, but it became even more important since we started wearing a mask. Read on for tips below to find out the right steps to remove your makeup. 
1. Take your time 
Use the makeup remover pad or put your remover on the pad and let it sit for a while. This will soften your eye makeup, so it slips off easily and thoroughly once you finally wipe. It also prevents you from having to rub with your makeup remover pad that could damage your delicate skin. 
2. Use a cleanser 
Many of us just wipe makeup and go to bed, but we should remember that most wipes don’t remove makeup fully. Using only wipes and then applying moisturizers might push dirt into your pores and cause skin problems. Always make sure to use a cleansing product after using wipes if you don’t want any pimples or blackheads. 
3. Use facial cleansing brushes 
Once you try a cleansing brush, you’ll realize that there is a definitely big difference. It leaves you with not only cleanser pores but also a smoother removing dead skin. I haven’t used any scrub products since I started using it and it got rid of my worries about my blackheads. 
4. Get flat cotton pads instead of cotton balls 
Cotton balls can leave behind residue or shed leaving fibres on your skin. Basic pads work too, but specialty versions can be worth it if you wear makeup heavy or every day. If your skin is delicate, choosing the right pads is as important as choosing the right cleanser. 
5. Don’t forget to follow up with moisture 
We removed all makeup, now what? Removing makeup can extremely dry out your skin, especially the eye and lips area. Apply moisturizers on your skin first and always be followed up with lip balms and eye creams keeping your skin soft and hydrated. 
Products could be helpful for the tips above 
Wellderma Calendula Calming Soon Cleansing Pad 
This duck-shaped pad removes makeup without irritation. It has a low PH level which is really helpful for people who have sensitive skin.  
Wellderma Gomdochi Form Cleanser 
 This mild cleanser in a cute package has a soft silicone cleansing brush which is really handy. It also brightens and regenerates your skin. 
Source : Glamour , Bazaar