How To Make Your Makeup Last ALL Day

During hot summer months, we want to look and feel our best and enjoy ourselves! But I know we all go through the stress of makeup meltdown and dealing with constant reapplication throughout the day. Often times due to the heat of summer and the constant masking makes our makeup wear off and not look the same as a few hours prior. You may think, “has my makeup really looked like THIS all day!?”. If you have had these thoughts a few too many times this summer, we would like to help!

In order to keep your makeup in its rightful spot, there are 2 things you must do—that is PRIME your face, and SET your makeup!



Now, when we say prime your face we are talking about using a proper primer for your skin type before putting on foundation and starting your glam process. If you properly prime your skin and apply a rich serum primer, your makeup will not only last longer throughout the hot summer day, but it will also improve the overall coverage of the makeup you apply on top! A properly primed face will allow you to use fewer products and give you the smooth, natural finish you are after.



Once your face is primed, and makeup is on, when experiencing the extreme weather of summer, it is important to take an extra step and set your makeup. If you are unaware of setting sprays, they are a liquid mist that is lightly sprayed onto the skin to increase the lifespan of your look and prevent any fading or smudging throughout the day. Setting sprays will absolutely prolong the life of your makeup – especially in the humid weather and the constant mask wearing. BUT, it is important to be aware that setting sprays are NOT skincare products and are not meant to be used daily and a little goes a long way. All you need is a light ~*mist*~ and that should be more than enough! However, if you really need your makeup to last through an event or even be more on the waterproof side, beauty gurus recommend to spray a light mist after each step to really ensure the makeup will not go anywhere!

*please be sure to read all ingredients and use instructions before using a setting spray to ensure the product is a good match for your skin type as some contain alcohols*


Today @kbeautyinsider we are doing a brand spotlight on SELF BEAUTY (@selfbeauty_en)

Self Beauty is a Korean company based out of Gangnam, Seoul. They are cosmetics enthusiasts who believe in supporting individuals’ own style and beauty. Self beauty speaks to the routines of the contemporary world with its products as they are inspired by the ideals, preferences, and lifestyles of modern trends promoting one’s individuality and self beauty. The company seeks to provide a new and fresh experience combining the necessities of a detailed beauty regime and forming it into a simple routine without overly complicating the process. Their main goal is to highlight your SELF BEAUTY and accentuate your confidence.

Some MUST HAVES from Self Beauty are :

Pore Control Primer [white] (best for oily skin)

A facial serum primer that’s job is to control oil and prevent shine to give you a poreless, airbrushed look. The Pore Blurring Face Serum Primer evenly preps your skin to make it silky smooth for easy makeup application and provides the optimum condition for base makeup.


Hydrating Glow Primer [blue] (best for dry skin)

A facial serum primer that adds radiance and a healthy glow to the skin. This primer contains light-reflecting pearls to make your skin pop in the summer sun and properly moisturizes and preps your skin before base makeup application. Additionally, this essence primer forms a powerful and thin moisture-coated layer on your skin making it a perfect canvas for your next glam look.


Radiant Hydrating Primer [pink] (best for combination skin)

This hydrating, radiant serum to primer provides intense moisture into the skin adding a radiant and natural glow to the skin. Its micro-pearl pigment provides sheer radiance and gives the skin a bright and youthful look before base makeup application begins.



Uniconic Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray (for face)

This setting spray allows you to maintain your perfect makeup throughout the day, setting your look without meltdown allowing it to stay fresh for the entire day. Its fine mist particles are “sprayed like veils of fog” evenly covering the entire surface of the face giving you a worry-free makeup setting experience. Additionally, this matte setting spray will allow your makeup to remain smudge and crease free—making it perfect if you will be putting on and taking off your mask!




Ultra Slim Waterproof Gel Pencil Eyeliner (black/brown)

Now, with your makeup not going anywhere due to your primer used and setting spray misted—an additional product that is AMAZING is Self Beauty’s waterproof gel pencil eyeliner! The last thing you want is your face makeup to be lasting throughout the day and to forget about long lasting eye makeup. This gel eyeliner comes in 2 shades (black/brown) and is smudge-proof, flake-proof, AND WATERPROOF! Its creamy gel formula and ultra precise 1.5mm tip allows you to execute your eye makeup with accuracy and ease.




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