How to get strong and healthy nails

Do you like getting your nails done? 
Yes! But it damages nails so much and looking at my damaged nails makes me sad. However, we still can’t give up gorgeous nails! If you have the same problem, check out the nail care tips that will help you keep your nails strong and healthy without giving up nail polish.
Leave your cuticles
Nails might look better without cuticles. However, the cuticle is the protection of your nails and cutting cuticles can make the nails vulnerable and put them at risk of infection. Keep them on your nails and let them do their job.
Don’t peel off your gel polish
Peeling off your gel polish can peel away thin layers of your nails and damage your nails. We all know removing gel polish is a lot of work, but you have to follow the right steps and use the right product to remove them properly with less damage.
Avoid acrylic nails
Acrylic powder is full of chemicals and makes your nails dry and suffocate. Don’t put your nails at risk if you want to keep your healthy nails. If you can’t give up your long nails, trying press-on nails can help as it gives less damage.
Don’t shake your old nail polish
Do you have some nail polishes that you haven’t used for too long? Try rolling them between your hands instead of shaking them. It will help combine the separated ingredients creating air bubbles in the formula that can appear as tiny bubbles on your nails when you use them.
Stop putting thick layers of nail polish
Have you put extra layers of nail polish because of dull colors or uneven layers? However, most of the time, it just ends up leaving the nails with thick coats or bubbles. Don’t put more than 3 layers as it will make your nails dry and hard to breathe. If you are not confident with applying nail polishes, stick-on nails can save your time as they are thin, easy to put and remove.
Moisturize your nails
We moisturize our face and body. Why wouldn’t we overlook our nails? There are a lot of nail moisturizing products, but simply putting any moisturizers or hand creams that you have on your nails can improve your nails a lot.
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