Even Nam Vo is a fan.
While at Nam Vo's masterclass recently, the New York City-based makeup artist repeatedly reached for the same product to help create her signature "dewy dumpling" glow. I didn't recognize the small rectangular glass bottle, though. At one point, Vo held it up and asked the crowd if they'd ever heard of VDL. I consider myself a beauty product encyclopedia, so I was ashamed to not be one of the many people cheering. Vo went on to explain that it's a South Korea-based makeup brand known for its illuminating primers.
A couple of days later, VDL came up once again. (The abbreviation stands for Vivid Desires come to Life, by the way.) This time, I was relieved to know what it's all about. Turns out, the K-beauty brand is about to make its stateside debut with three of its popular primers in tow. (More products will drop soon after.) All are based on the highly covetable concept of glass skin.
For those who aren't naturally blessed with clear, poreless skin, the primers pack a one-two punch. They help smooth and plump your complexion like your favorite skin-care products while boosting its glow with lightweight yet seriously pearly pigments — not unlike a liquid highlighter. They're also foolproof color correctors. (So make that a one-three punch. I know nothing about boxing, so I'm sorry if that's not a thing.)
Vo's favorite of the trio is the Lumilayer Primer Original. She starts off by brushing it onto the high points of the face for a technique she calls "underpainting." Then, she applies foundation over it. Next, she taps it onto the same areas as before to create a base for powder highlighter. The primer is flecked with shimmery violet pigments that give skin a more multi-dimensional glow than an alien-like one. If you take the rules of color correction into account, the purple hue helps cancel out dull, sallow tones in skin to make it look brighter. On Vo's model for her masterclass, the Lumilayer Primer Original made her cheekbones look like there were little orbs of light inside of each of them.
Nervous about slathering a cool-toned primer all over your warm-toned face? You'll prefer the Lumilayer Primer Fresh. Its red, white, and gold shimmer combine for a stunning peachy glow. In this case, peach helps dimish the appearance of dark circles and uneven skin tone. You can use it on its own on top of foundation for a wet-looking highlighter effect.
For those with oily skin who are skeptical about primers meant to give you a dewy look, VDL won't neglect you with its selection dropping in the U.S. It included the Satin Veil Primer in its lineup, a mattifying option that staves off shine. It won't suck the moisture out of your skin, though. It's formulated with rose enfleurage oil, which quickly absorbs into skin without making it feel greasy — a major plus for acne-prone skin. At the same time, it helps soothe inflammation and hydrate skin. I love how it doesn't have that silicone feel to it that tends to pill if you rub it into your skin too much. You can massage it into your skin all you want, and it will just absorb into it even more without patchiness.
Source : https://www.allure.com/story/vdl-korean-beauty-brand-u-s-launch