Fighting Maskne With K-Beauty


“M A S K N E” – This is the skincare buzzword of the pandemic that I am sure we have all become familiar with over the past year and a half (thanks Covid), but what is maskne and what causes it?



“Maskne” (mask acne), refers to the acne, bumps, redness, or general irritation of the face and mouth area where your protective mask goes over. The stress both physically on the skin and internally due to the difficult and unexpected times we are going through can also heavily contribute to maskne. Even though wearing a mask daily now seems commonplace, it was not just over a year ago—and most of our skin is still shocked!

Our skin barrier helps protect us in countless different ways, but the friction, moisture, and sweat that gets trapped underneath our masks can cause irritation to our skin, leading to breakouts on all areas covered by the mask. However, we don’t think your gorgeous skin should suffer even though we have to wear masks daily to get over this worldwide pandemic. What can you do to help prevent annoying maskne? Korean skincare may be the answer!!!



As mask-wearing is a new phenomenon in the west, it has been common and practiced in many parts of Asia. Masks have been worn in Korea for decades not only because of sickness, but also as a protective measure against polluted dust storms (and if you don’t want to put on a full face of makeup… ladies let’s be honest~~!). For these reasons, K-beauty and K-skincare has been at the forefront of innovation regarding mask wearing and mask friendly products using unique-ingredients, gentle and light formulas, and “inside-out” rejuvenation.

What products can help prevent maskne from happening, or help treat tired and bothered skin? There are 3 things you should focus on; 1) BE GENTLE!, 2) Soothe and Protect, and 3) Hydration is KEY. Here are some Korean products that can be your sidekick in fighting these troublesome breakouts and Maskne!!



Our Recommendation: pH 5.5 Chamomile Gel Cleansing Foam from FABYOU


As your skin barrier can be irritated and sensitive from your mask, use a gentle cleanser that will even out your skins acidity, allowing it to be clean, primed, and ready for the day (or night!). Due to this *slightly* acidic formula that mirrors a healthy skins natural acidity, the skin barrier becomes treated and the cleanser removes external irritation and build up, balancing the skins oil and water content. Additionally, this gel cleanser is infused with azulene extract from the chamomile plant which soothes and naturally strengthens the irritated skin.



Our Recommendation: Cica Treatment Repair Ampoule Serum from WellDerma


Maskne, similar to other forms of breakouts and acne, is strongly tied to skin inflammation. To prevent and treat inflamed and tired skin, use this ampoule serum as its main ingredient “Cica” (Asiatic Pennywort extract) has anti-inflammatory properties to revive tired skin from daily mask wearing. This serum will de-stress sensitive skin, reinforce the skin barrier, protect it from physical stressors, and moisturize the skin preventing it from drying out. As an added bonus, this product is hypoallergenic and can be used on all skin types!



Our Recommendation: All Green Mild Moisturizer from Muldream


When your skin is trapped under a mask all day, the last thing you want is to apply a heavy moisturizer or balm to your skin making it feel weighed down and oily. This lightweight, lotion-like cream from Muldream is the perfect daily moisturizer. It is quickly absorbed into the skin while providing long-lasting moisture to ensure your skin does not dry out throughout the day! Additionally, this moisturizer will calm irritated skin, even out skin tone, provide deep and penetrative hydration, and it contains anti-aging properties to keep your skin youthful and bright—even while under your mask!






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