Everything You Need to Know About Acne Patches

Breaking out became such a normal part of our life, especially because of masks. Caused from exterior, hormonal, dietary, stress triggers, Acne is always around us. We can try our best to prevent the cause of acne, but what do you do after you break out? Acne Patches are here to save you from stressing!


But first of all, what are Acne Patches and what do they do?

Generally, there are two types of the acne patches - Hydrocolloid and Non-Hydrocolloid. These are one of the types of acne spot treatments that are applied directly onto the blemish to help with faster healing processes.

Hydrocolloid is a clear gel substance made out of natural polymers like Gelatin and Sodium. Using Hydrocolloid is a traditional way of treating wounds in medical settings by drawing out fluid from the wound. The same concept is applied for acne patches, which allows the patch to absorb all the oil, secretion, and debris out of the blemish, while creating a moist environment for rapid healing. On top of that, many acne patches that are in the market now contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, calming, and regenerating properties which allows faster recovery of the blemish. The other type is Non-Hydrocolloid, which does not comprise the absorbing ability but delivers beneficial ingredients into the problematic area. 


Here are some benefits of using acne patches:

  • Act as a bandage to prevent from touching and picking the area
  • Protects against sunlight and UV rays to minimize hyperpigmentation
  • Quick pimple break-out solution - faster healing process
  • Easy to use
  • Does not overly dry out the skin surface
  • Reduce redness and inflammation
  • Waterproof/ Water Resistant
  • Reduce the chance of acne scars
  • Transparent; can also wear during the day or under makeup


How to Use:

  1. Always wash your hands before touching your face
  2. Cleanse your face with any cleanser of your choice
  3. Gently wipe down around the area with a Q-tip to get rid of any excess water or oil
  4. Using your hands or a tweezer, apply the patch on the blemish and allow the patch to stay on for 4-10 hours - until the patch turns white to be more effective


K-Beauty Favourites 

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

About the Company : COSRX's rise to the top of K-beauty brand rankings is the result of it's skincare formulations and emphasis on clean beauty.Their packaging is also very basic, to put focus on the philosophies of the ingredients. COSRX is dedicated to creating products with high concentrations of active ingredients for all skin types and concerns.

Product Description : Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch is an acne patch that protects troubled areas from getting worse and prevents further breakouts. It is made with A.D.F Hydrocolloid dressing that effectively extracts impurities, allowing faster healing process. It is recommended to apply at night to allow intensive acne healing treatment overnight. 

Ingredients : Cellulose Gum, Styrene Isoprene Styrene Block Copolymer, Polyisobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methane

Visit www.cosrx.com to find out more. 


Labottach AC Thyol Intensive Care Patch

About the Company : Labottach is a total pharma company established in 1992, located in South Korea. Started the business with APIs, and moved onto promoting Hydrogel Patches. The company is exporting to more than 30 countries.

Product Description : AC Thyol Intensive Care Patch is a hydrogel patch effective for pimple treatment. The physical barrier around the patch helps to prevent infections and reduce redness. 

Visit www.us.labottachshop.com to find out more!



About the Company : Inspired by traditional East Asian holistic care, Pyunkang Yul launched by the famous Pyunkang Korean Medicine Clinic in South Korea. Demonstrating minimalistic beauty, Pyunkang Yul removed unnecessary chemical ingredients that could be irritating to the skin, and carefully chosen safe and reliable ingredients for healthy skin.Staying true to a balanced approach, their formulations seek to restore and develop healthy skin condition by an optimal level of hydration (water) and moisturization (oil) to achieve a healthy complexion.

Product Description : Pyunkang Yul Acne Spot Patch Super Thin is a hydrocolloid patch that helps treat blemishes with a natural-looking, unnoticeable coverage. These patches protect problematic areas and help recover the wounded areas rapidly, while minimizing scars and maintaining hydration.

Ingredients : Polyisobutene, Polyurethane-9, Polyisoprene, Cellulose Gum

Visit www.pyunkangyul.com to find out more!


VT Cosmetics Cica Spot Patch

About the Company : VT Cosmetics originated from South Korea in 2010 by Gonsen Inc. and the brand embraces simplicity while emphasizing natural ingredients and dermatological research and development.

Product Description : VT Cosmetics Cica Spot Patch is waterproof and transparent pimple patches that protect acne from infection and help extract impurities overnight while promoting healthy skin. Help to reduce redness and inflammation, and prevent acne scarring.

Ingredients : Polyurethane [Hydro-colloid] Polyisoprene, Polyisobutylene, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, White Mineral Oil

Visit www.vt-cosmetics.com to find out more!


Whenever you are dealing with any type of acne,
you know your go-to emergency fix - Acne Patches!


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