Christmas Makeup Looks With Red Lipsticks

Sadly, this Christmas isn’t going to be the same as previous Christmases that we have had so far. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t mean that we can’t party - we can still party with family or on your own if you live by yourself! Decorate your room, buy a Christmas cake, and turn on your favorite songs! If you want to make it a bit more proper, try these Christmas makeup looks with red lipsticks from Korean YouTubers Haeni, Youandain, Hyojin and Pony!
Haeni used pink and brown eyeshadows and light gold glitter. On top of that, she used a burgundy eyeliner and put big particles of red glitters on it. Then, she used thin false eyelashes to make the glitters noticeable. You’ll want to buy some glitters after looking at the shining glitters whenever she blinks her eyes.
Youandain showed natural makeup with beige eyeshadow and eyebrows that are lifted with a wax. Large glitters on eyes and pink blush give extra cuteness on this simple makeup and complete the look! If you are looking for natural and simple Christmas makeup, this will be perfect for you.
Are you into pink color? Then, this makeup is made for you. Hyojin used dried rose eyeshadow mixing coral and dark pink eyeshadows. On these pink shades, she also put pink glitters and pink blush on her cheeks! With all these pink colors, you will have a lovely pink Christmas makeup look.
Look at her sassy Christmas makeup with her bang and outfit. Her Christmas makeup is definitely something different. She made some fake beauty marks and used red brick and brown eyeshadows with winged liner. If you have been thinking of getting a bang, maybe this is a good time to go with this makeup.
If you want to know more about their makeup and what products they used, check their youtube channels and get more information!