A Hidden Korean Gem : The Art of Double Cleansing


Double cleansing is not a new subject in Korean skincare (actually, it is just assumed that when talking about cleansing you mean DOUBLE cleansing!). As K-Beauty and Korean skincare have gained popularity in North America, the act of double cleansing has been getting more attention and North Americans have begun to realize the importance of this crucial step in their skincare routines. Being the first step in the skincare process, (double) cleansing is key to keeping the skin happy, healthy, and youthful!

So…What really is Double cleansing?

A lot of you may be thinking what we mean when talking about “double cleansing”. Does that mean just washing my face with the same cleanser twice? The simple answer is no, it’s a bit more detailed than just using the same product two times ><.

Double cleansing is a 2-step process that involves 2 types of cleansers; an oil-based cleanser (to be used first) and a water-based cleanser (to be used second). The purpose of using an oil-based cleanser is to clean the skin of any oil-based impurities and things on top of the skin such as sunscreen, sebum, makeup, etc. Once the skin is cleansed with an oil-based cleanser, the next step is to remove any sweat, dirt, or other skin irritants with a water-based cleanser. This method is a fool-proof way to make sure that all of dirt and residue of the busy day, pollutants, and makeup are cleaned from the skin.

History of Double Cleansing

This specific technique dates back to the fourteenth century and originated in Korea. During these early times in Korea, plant-derived oils were first used to remove face powders from the skin, or to assist in application of these facial powders. After the oil-based cleanser, rice water (or ground mung bean) was then applied to the face to remove impurities and any left-over residue.

As this technique has been used in Korea for centuries, it is safe to say it is worth the hype! The results and sensation speaks for itself; Korea has proven and perfected this technique and innovated top quality products.

Advantages of Double Cleansing

While double cleansing has a countless number of advantages for your skins overall health and prosperity, the most obvious benefits is how thoroughly your skin is cleaned and refreshed, assisting the prevention of overall skin problems such as excess oil, breakouts, clogged or enlarged pores, etc. Oil and water-based cleansers will emulsify and wash any impurities and debris that had built up on your skin throughout the day. Double cleansing can be practiced by anyone and everyone, but it is extremely beneficial for those who wear heavier daily makeup and/or sunscreen every day. Makeup and sunscreen can leave residue on the skin and if not cleaned properly this residue can lead to skin discoloration and even bacterial infections. Double cleansing ensures that you are able to remove every type of debris or impurity from your skin that you may encounter through your daily life and adventures.

Are cleansers “one size fits all”?

With all these advantages in mind, it is important to choose the right oil and water-based cleanser for your skin type! It is important to remember that not all cleansers are going to work equally as well with everyone, and the type of skin you have matters! Before choosing oil and water-based cleansers make sure you read and look through all the ingredients to make sure that the cleanser is going to work with your skin type (rather than work against it!) and give you the best results possible.

For reference, here are a few facts and tips to look for for each skin type when shopping for cleansers. 

If you have dry or sensitive skin…

-Look for a gentle, non-irritating formula

- A neutral pH level can help make sure that your skin is not dried out further

 **Ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter can help with hydration~

If you have oily or acne-prone skin…

-It is recommended to stick with lightweight cleansers that are specifically designed to regulate the skins oil production

-If your skin is specifically prone to acne, pay attention to products that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients (like vitamin E and glycolic acid).

If you have combination skin…

-Keep an eye out for cleansers that will avoid oiliness but also cleansers that will not leave your skin feeling dry

-Choosing a rich oil-based cleanser that contains moisturizing ingredients (ceramides) is recommended

-Following the oil cleanser, look for a foaming water-based cleanser that will be gentle to the skin and revitalize the skins barrier

K-Beauty Insider Recommendations

Oil-Based Cleansers :

Cica Farm Pore Cleansing Oil To Foam by FarmStay

Link: https://www.fscos.com/en/product/cica-farm-pore-cleansing-oil-to-foam/

Pure Cleansing Oil by ma:nyo

Link: https://manyofactory.co.kr/product/pure-cleansing-oil-200ml/211/category/75/display/1/


Water-Based Cleansers :

Ginger 6 Hydrating Ginger Water Foam Cleanser by GINGER6

Link: https://www.indicos29.com/product/ginger-6-hydrating-ginger-water-foam-cleanser/172/category/44/display/3/

Heartleaf Acne Facial Cleanser by ANUA

Link: http://en.anua.kr/product/heartleaf-acne-facial-cleanser/171/?cate_no=56&display_group=1





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