6 Tips to Prevent Mask-Induced Acne, ‘Maskne’


Wearing a mask officially has become an essential part of our daily lives due to COVID-19 outbreak. While it helps us to prevent any further spread of the virus, it can irritate our skin, clog pores, and flare acne. Below are 6 tips for you to prevent mask-induced acne, ‘Maskne.’
TIP 1 : Wash Your Face First
Make sure to put mask on over a clean face. Dirt and oil on your skin can cause breakouts under the mask.
TIP 2 : Apply a Good Moisturizer
Apply a lightweight but hydrating cream on your skin to act like a barrier. Avoid heavy products that can clog your skin and make you break out.
TIP 3 : Skip the Makeup
Try not to wear any makeup underneath your mask (except sunscreen). Trapped makeup can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.
TIP 4 : Wear Only Clean Mask
All the dirt, oil, and bacteria on masks can irritate your skin. Always keep your mask new and clean by using disposable masks or washing reusable masks.
TIP 5 : Protect Your Ears
Elastic strap loops irritate the backs of your ears and can cause friction burns. If you have sensitive skin or you’ll be wearing a mask for a long time, attach the straps to buttons on a headband or to a clip behind your head.
TIP 6 : Avoid Harsh Products
Retinol or benzoyl peroxide products can be more irritating under a mask. It is recommended to either use less of them or stop using them altogether if you’re wearing a mask often.
Try The True Cream – Aqua Bomb by Belif for lightweight but hydrating moisturizer.
Source : GoodRx