6 Easy Tips To Make Your Sheet Mask More Effective

TIP 1 : Soften Skin First
Use a sheet mask only after cleansing and prepping with a toner.
Softening and hydrating your skin will help to better absorb the mask’s ingredients.
TIP 2 : Max Out the Essence
Use leftover essence in the packet all over your neck, legs, arms, elbows.
Don’t let it go to waste of all the vitamins, minerals and goodness in the essence.
TIP 3 : Watch the Time
Leaving sheet mask on for longer than recommended time will only dry out your skin. Please be sure to follow the suggested time on mask packet.
TIP 4 : Cool Your Mask
Try leaving your sheet mask in the fridge for 30 minutes before application.
It will double up the effects of soothing and cooling your skin!
TIP 5 : Keep Your Lips Safe
If you have sensitive lips, try applying a thick layer of lip balm prior to masking. This will help to protect your lips so that they won’t react to the essence.
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Source : Herworld.com