5 Skincare Habits You Can Change For New Year

2020 has Finally gone. It felt like the longest year in the 2000s after the Covid-19 breakout. Anyway, it is going to be a new start! For the new year, start with small changes like a new skincare routine. Find out the bad habits that people commonly have for their skincare routine, then change yours if you have one of them!

Keeping expired products

If you have been using a skincare product that has passed its expiration date, this is a great time to throw away your old products. Even if it was a really expensive product, the good ingredients can turn into bad ones and can harm your skin. When you open a new product, check the expiration date before you throw away the package and make sure to know when it expires.

Rubbing your face hard

Do you rub your face hard when you use a facial cleanser or moisturizer on your skin? Remember it ruins your skin! To cleanse your face, use your fingertips without pressure drawing small circles on your face. To moisturize, tap the moisturizer gently instead of rubbing it over your face.

Using products in the wrong order

Even if you have fancy and nice products, they won’t be worth if you are using them in the wrong order. Start with the lightest product and finish with the heaviest product in your skincare routine. Otherwise, it could be worse than using nothing wasting our money. Check what kind of skincare products you have and set the right steps.

Mixing the wrong skincare ingredients

Have you experienced that your new product irritated your skin so bad? It could have happened because of the combination of the products you used. If you have any products that contain vitamin C or acids like AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta hydroxy acids), don’t use them together to avoid irritation. Always be aware of the ingredients and what you shouldn't mix with them.

Changing skincare routine too often

Having a regular routine is important for our health as well as skin. Try to follow daily skincare steps at a regular time. If you keep switching from one product to another, your skin will never get used to your skincare routine. Find the right product for you and stick to it.