6 Basic and Easy Ways to Wash Your Hair Properly From Chahong

Washing hair is one of the basic things we do to keep ourselves clean and healthy in our life. As it is such a basic thing that we do almost every day, it’s important to know the right way to wash our hair. Check out 6 easy ways to wash your hair properly from Chahong, a Korean celebrity hairdresser, who provides a lot of amazing and useful tips about hair.
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Brush your hair first

Untangle your hair with a wide cushion brush from the tip of your hair to scalp.
It helps cleanse sebum excretion from the scalp thoroughly and prevent from losing your hair. If you are worried about hair loss, this first step is really helpful!

Soak your scalp deeply with the right temperature

Set the water temperature similar to your body to avoid irritation. If you can’t get enough foam from the shampoo, it’s probably because the scalp is not evenly wet or wet enough. Tapping your scalp will help to wet your scalp deeply.

Make shampoo bubbles

Pump about a 2.5 cm circle of shampoo on your palm and rub it to make bubbles. Then, start from your scalp to get rid of sebum and sweat. Massage it gently with your fingertips drawing circles without using your nails. Sweep your hair with leftover shampoo. If you rub your hair too hard, it could lose nutrients and get damaged.

Rinse shampoo thoroughly from your head

Make sure to rinse shampoo from your hair and scalp thoroughly. Double-check the top and the back of the head as they left behind unwashed often. Tapping your scalp with lukewarm water will help rinse the shampoo properly.

Use a hair treatment if your hair is damaged

If your hair is damaged because of a perm or dye, it’s more effective to use a treatment product than a conditioner. Apply it from the end of your hair except for your scalp pressing it into your hair. Then, gently comb it with your fingers and rinse it fully. If you have enough time, it’s great to massage your hair or leave it for 5-10 minutes with a cap.

Wash your hair before 10pm for skin regeneration

Skin regenerates itself between 10pm and 2am, so it’s the best to wash your hair before 10pm. It’s usually appropriate to wash your hair once in two days, but if you sweated a lot or used any hair products, wash your hair to keep it healthy.
These are all basic things we can follow easily, but we might haven’t done so far.
If you want to know more details of these tips, check out her YouTube video


Source: Chahong  Beauty Channel Youtube 'How to wash your hair Properly'