Best Men Skincare Tips from K-pop groups: NCT.EXO.BTS

Globally, Korean culture has been growing in prominence with K-pop, Korean dramas, K-beauty, Korean food, etc. Among them, K-pop is one of the strongest factors that contributed to the rapid growth of Korean culture. Following K-pop, K-beauty is becoming a part of the mainstream beauty market as people/fans want to know what kind of cosmetics K-pop stars have.
Today, check out the Korean skincare products that K-pop stars (Jaehyun from NCT, Suho from EXO, V from BTS) are actually using for their skincare routine in their life, not because of commercials!


NCT Jaehyun Korea beauty Skincare Tips
The moisturizing gel forming a mono-layer film to minimize loss of moisture without stickiness.On YouTube channel NCT Daily, Jaehyun showed his skincare routine. This product became so popular after the video because he is well recognized for his soft and poreless skin like a baby.
From Youtube @NCT Daily


EXO Suho Korea beauty Skincare Tips
Toner with Eoseongcho (Heartleaf) extracts soothing skin and balancing oil and moisture. Fans were asking his skincare routine on his Instagram Live, and he kind of spilled the name, ANUA Eoseongcho toner. Eventually, fans found the exact product he was using. Now it is well known to be effective for whiteheads.
From Instagram Live @kimjuncotton


BTS V Korea beauty Skincare Tips
Mild exfoliation toner for oily skin maintaining the PH level balanced and softening the skin. He was simply using a toner and cream from Zeroid to go to bed on V-Live saying that he puts enough cream to make his skin soft. This made the cream discontinued as everyone wanted it and the company had to release a similar product is called Zeroid Pimprove Moisturizer.
From V-Live @BTS
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NCT JAEHYUN : Instagram @NCT
EXO SUHO : Allure Korea