<RedWine Cleanser>

Did you know? Red wine is good to use just like a cleanser.

Pour water into your party wine leftovers and dilute it.

Wine 3 : Water 7

After washing your face, use your cotton pad,

gently wipe your face as you apply toner.

This will help to remove wastes in pores. 

Then, wash your face and do your own daily routine care.


<Wine Bath Oil/Soap>

Tartaric Acid: Great supporter removing dead skin cells

Polyphenol: Excellent antacid

Prepare water in a tub. Pour a bit of wine in a warm water,

just like a bath oil/soap.

This will help anti-aging as well as muscle relaxation. 

<Wine Face Sheet Mask>

Wine contains AHA, lactic acid components

supports removing dead skin cells and enhances blood circulation,

eventually helps anti-aging.

Keep your wine cold, which will also help to tighten your pores.